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330W 15R Moving Beam Light

Power: 110-240V, 50 / 60HZ
Light source: 15R 330W (compatible with 17R 350W bulb)
Color temperature: 8500K
Average life: 2,000 h
Rated power: 600W
Optical lens: 4 optical lens group combination, electronic focus
Color plate: with 14 colors + white, half color effect, atomization function
Pattern plate and effect: 2 pattern plate, metal pattern 16, glass 12 patterns, pattern high-speed

Prism effect: 8 prism, 16 prism, superimposed 24 prism effect, forward rotation
X / Y Horizontal and vertical: 16 bit, horizontal: 540 °, vertical: 270 °
Strobe effect: adjustable speed
Control mode: DMX512
Channel: 16CH
Display: LCD
Protection class: IP20
Light body size: L400 * W313 * H655 (mm)
Net weight: 25KG


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